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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Sometimes I really wish I were Korean. Koreans have this magic ability to sleep anywhere. To make the ability even more magical, they always seem to know exactly when to wake up. I see sleeping Koreans most often on buses or trains. If I fell asleep I would miss my stop and/or ride the route in circles. Koreans always know exactly when to wake up and get off.

So whether insomnia hits me on a bus, train or a random bench, I wish I had Korean in my blood.

Story about the picture... I was at a bus terminal waiting for my departure. I saw this girl on a bench and watched her for a solid twenty minutes. Head down, she kept falling to her right. If it were me u would have just laid down. But she'd sway until she was almost vertical then pop back up. Sway. Pop back up. Sway. Pop back up. You get the picture. For 20 minutes.


  1. I used to catch the city bus back and forth from school. I remember falling asleep and hitting my head so hard on the rail that the bus driver actually stopped the bus to make sure I was alright. Who knows I might have a little Korean blood in me.

  2. I missed my stop once sleeping on the subway and I remember my Korean ex-girlfriend telling me a story how she fell asleep, missed her stop and ended up at the end of line when it was too late to go back.


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