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Friday, May 11, 2012

Let's play catch up

Wow... It's been a while, folks. I've had several new addictions in my life that have kept me away from you. I often think of a great post, but then I get swept away by Draw Something, my Kindle or nursing my many wounds... I have a new Kindle and absolutely love it. I've finished the Hunger Games series. One word: Amazing. I don't typically get lured in by popular book series (ie The Twilight series... not a fan of vampires unless it's in True Blood form) but after a little nudge by my friend Emily, who loaned me her Kindle to fall in love with before mine arrived, and it's been bliss every since. (Although I'm going to rant for a minute... I ordered a case on ebay - from a seller in HONG KONG - the same day I ordered my Kindle. My Kindle had free shipping - ie slow - to my mom's house in America, then she kept it for a week and shipped it to me in South Korea. A little geography lesson, America is much farther than Hong Kong. Anyways, six weeks and at least six books later, I'm still waiting on my case. I've emailed the seller countless times and they assure me it's coming. I don't know if I should request a refund and buy another or just keep waiting. My patience is drawing thin and would like a case before my Trip to Thailand. Advice anyone?)

Oh, I'm going to Thailand! May 26th through June 3rd! A friend from America is meeting me there for some R&R and fun in the sun! This trip with Ashton has been in the works nearly since I set foot in Korea. I'm so excited that it's finally happening!

As for my wounds... I've had several blunders the past few weeks and my right leg has suffered dearly. I'll have scars up and down my limb for a while but they'll just be a lifetime reminder of how amazing my time in Asia has been. Kind of like the scar down my left leg reminds me that it wasn't a good idea to face plant down concrete stairs at a frat house in college.

Work has been a bit more challenging than usual. My school lost one Korean teacher but failed to hire a new one so I've been doubling as the foreign teacher and Korean teacher for a few classes. My school treats me so well so I'm more than willing to help out wherever needed. My boss irks me a little though because he knew the teacher was leaving well over two months prior. Oh well. If there's one thing that Korea has taught me, it's that you always have to roll with the punches.

Since my last post a long time ago so much more has happened. A lot of weekends have been spent out of town to various cities in the country. Some cities multiple times within the two month span. I suppose the best way to organize the next several posts is by cities. Hope you have time to read!

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