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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


As guilty as I feel for blogging about my students, the stories are to hilarious not to. My post today is a diary entry from Ricky. He is 13 (so his Western age is 11 or 12) and has recently returned from the Philippines where he attended an almost three month English camp (by himself). So now he believes his English is perfect and he's too good for Korea. Take a look... (obviously) nothing has been edited.

Hellow every one ~! I'm come back Today I want to talk about experence in the Philippines first Philippine is England's colny so I can find fortress every where and we can find some bomb so I think I'm rucky goy because when I born in Philippine when colny I think I will die so I think I'm rucky guy and always I said I miss best English camp because at there are very strict but some times It can be fun time in there when we promised don't said lier, don't cry, promis the decorum when we promis this very well It can be funny class also I promis this very well so I think It is funny moment before I came back to Korea I think there is heaven so I can live there but in here at my home I can't leave any more becaus my home like a hall and my mother like defil so I don't want to stay in my house and my mind is already go andromeda so I can't do anything when I go to the Philippines my mind will come back so I want to said I must go at Philippines and also I miss my teacher I miss them very much so I want to go to Philippines thank you for my listning

The longest run-on sentence EVER! This is Ricky's diary after I took my red pen to it.

Ricky still has a long way to go but his English is actually better now. And hopefully he'll escape "hall" and his devil mom and get back to the Philippines!

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