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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


This little girl is one of the cutest little Koreans I've seen but bless her heart, she acts like her parents don't feed her.

She's only five years old, one of the youngest kids at my school. I guess her dad doesn't want her to ride the bus so he walks her to and from school every day. That's cute. But he's always late picking her up so she sits in the office with the teachers. Since we often have and share food during our breaks, we'll share with Lisa too.

Now Lisa thinks she's always entitled to food. The things we share are like little cakes and rolls. One day I had ramen and Lisa wanted some. She's cute but not cute enough to share germs with. So I had to explain that it's my food, I'm sorry. "No me try?" asks Lisa. "No you try," I say.

Still she continued to play with my food until I asked her to go sit on the other side of the room. If we have food sitting out but don't give her any she eyes it like a hawk. Like she lioness on thee hunt and ready to pounce.

Today Lisa is sitting at a teacher's desk and a different coworker and I are just doing our work... I hear plastic crinkling. Lisa for some reason is sticking her hand into that other teachers bag of veggies. Soon after Lisa rushes out of the room, concealing something in her hand. My coworker asks where she's going. "Me going bathroom," replies Lisa.

The little heifer stole a boiled egg! Maybe her parents need to send her tk school with some snacks!

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