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Monday, June 27, 2011

One year down... Can I stay or must I go??

If you're a Facebook follower you might have seen a few posts about my deportation concern... I haven't posted on here for a while so I'll update about my visa situation and I have a funny story about my boss.

So my original visa was good for 1 year. That expired on June 24th, the 1 year anniversary of me entering Korea. I switched schools six month into my one year but couldn't renew my visa then because the laws in Korea have changed. I needed some extra paperwork from America.

I started my new job in February and got my paperwork in the mail in March. I had to get an FBI background check and another diploma and for both, had to get a special seal. I thought I could get the seal for both at the same place, the Missouri Secretary of State. But no. The FBI check had to be apostilled (fancy name for a piece of paper that says the document is official) in Washington, D.C.

As of right now I have 13 days to present all of my documentation to Korean immigration but I have no documentation. I'm waiting patiently and eagerly. Of course, the Secretary of State's Office doesn't accept phone calls or return inquiry emails. What happens if my extension days run out? I'm not sure... I hope it doesn't come to that...

This is my boss. I've been updating him about all of my documents, etc. Every time we converse he nods and says he understands. I found out, however, that he actually did not fully understand. And this is how...

We go to immigration together to ask for an extension and/or ask what happens in the event my documents weren't here by Friday. We go into the office and my boss rattles in Korea to the immigration officer. The guy looks completely confused and gives my boss a, "What the heck are you talking about?" look. I then explain the situation in English to the guy. He says, "Ok, no problem. I'll give you 15 days to get your criminal check. Is that enough time?" And finished. Hmmm...

Cross your fingers that I won't be deported. As each day passes I get a little more worried. We'll see what happens!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Terrifying Taxi

Tonight I had (one of) the most terrifying taxi rides I've ever had anywhere... I'm writing about it right away.

First of all, taxis are always around when you don't need them. They'll honk at you while you're walking or stop in the road to see if you want to get in. On the other hand, when you do need a taxi, they're nowhere in sight. That happened this evening. My coworker and I are walking walking walking... No taxi. Keep walking. Still no luck. Finally we spot one in the distance driving the other way. That's ok though because drivers don't have a problem making a U-turn in the middle of the street to pick up a rider. So that's what our driver does... only he U-turns into (visible) oncoming traffic.


That would be the sound of the collision he had with another vehicle. (First accident I've seen first-hand in Korea.) Meanwhile, another available taxi drives past. The taxi and the car he hit pull over. I feel terrible because in a way, I caused the accident by needing the drive to make a U-turn in the first place. The drivers get out, exchange words and assess damage and get back in their respective cars. The driver says "kwen chen nah yo" ("that's ok" in Korean) and beckons for us to get in.

I tell the driver where to go (E-Mart, it's a big department store comparable to Wal-Mart). It's a very well known place in the area and there's a short cut from my little residential area to where the store is. The driver missed the short cut. So he goes a different way which required him making two more U-turns. For one U-turn he had to block both lanes of traffic so he could reverse, and almost reversed into a truck going the opposite direction. The next U-turn he nearly side swiped another vehicle in the next lane over.

I'm in the back seat and can't see much of the action in front, thankfully, but my stomach is in knots anyways. I can see the store, whew. Ohp! Missed the entrance... Which only means one more U-turn... And finally we arrive in one piece. The ride was only 7 minutes longer and $1 more expensive than it needed to be.

I'll be the first to admit I'm not a good driver but I'm sure I'm better than this guy. Watch out, Korea!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tuesdays with Su Jung

Every Tuesday morning my Korean friend, Kim Su Jung, and I get together. We go hiking, sight-seeing, eat lunch, have Korean lessons, etc. I've come to really treasure our time together. She teaches me Korean songs and how to read Korean writing (maybe I would actually learn if I studied!) and I help her with useful English expressions. She's also a woman of God and I look up to her very much. Anytime I need help with anything, she's more than willing to help. Thank you, Su Jung, for everything you do!

And here are some photos from our most recent get-together.

We went to Yangdong, a Korean traditional village on the outskirts of Pohang. It was recently named a UNESCO World Heritage site. It's over 200 years old and people still live in the preserved huts and homes. I went to another traditional village in Andong, South Korea last fall. Yangdong is a little different, as it's widely spread out throughout a valley. Tourists walk freely through the village. You can't go into people's homes (obviously) but there is a restaurant in the village and a hotel you can rent and stay in.

The cloudy day provided for great photography weather. I decided I really enjoy taking pictures. Donations are being accepted now for an upgrade to my Canon point and shoot. Contact me if you'd like to buy me this pretty gem!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June 1 Journals


Today I'm went to the bich and I given the _______ I play with beach but my shoes were wet I'm so sad and I see a big shin and I'm went inside It was so big in side and I see some ____________ It is so many ________ It surprised because I see the big [Enter picture of a gun and "gun" written underneath. Just in case I didn't know what a gun looked like.] and I larnd many ship's name It is so many big ship I know some ship's name today is so good day.

That is one hella long sentence... But at least it was so good day.


I'm went to my friend house. I like her. Because she is my best friend. I'm went to river with her family. We're riding a bike and eat fish. I like. I want to go home everyday.

I want to go home every day too, Jane.


Tomorrow is my mother's birthday. I feel sorry to mom. will tell you very long. I love my mom. I'm going to write a card to mom. If I surprised my mom, my mom is going to like that. Mom, I love it & always be happy!


Today I want to a PC room.
I do the games and go mart
and eating some foods
I went to a my friend room
and played computer game
and play besketbull
and played soccer
and go home and eating some piza

I'm just thrilled he didn't write "I go to home."


I was too bored. Because I can't play.
But my father said to me Let's go soccer.
So I followed him with my brother too.
It's windy and rainy. It's a little.
But we play soccer. It's fun.
I play soccer with someone. I play game and go home.


We were so happy because we went sea today.
Because we'll catch something in the sea
and eat them.
So, went sea.
In the sea, it's too cold.
We just put our fags (or maybe legs...) in the water.
It's cool. I like it.
It's spring now but in summer,
we'll go to sea every weekend and swim.


the come the summer and summer vacation too, but the everyday rainy I don't like rainy because when I was played with my friends the rainy is fall down. and the summer vacation is go sea and go vally (play volleyball I think) and the summer is hot water is cool!! I like summer because summer have many positive signs.

  1. Summer have a long summer vacation.
  2. When the summer we go to sea, vally etc.
  3. When the summer we do turn the air condisonr.
  4. When the summer we don't go school when we have summer vacation.
the summer have many positive signs so I am likes summer very very much.