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Monday, April 25, 2011

Title: My best friends

(Previous diary entry was "introduce my friends." I guess this entry went more in depth...")

on Saturday I am play with my friends 보준 and hobin. There were my best friend. 보준's hobby is running. he likes run and he is very handsome. but he has short legs. He was everyday smileing. he has many laugh stories. I like him very much. he is study hard. but he doesn't well at study and he can jumping the rope well. and the hobin is not handsome but he use the computer very well than me and he was not running very fast than me I am too running fast. hobin is small. he taller is 147 cm. he is 48 kg I am 42 kg. 보준 is 39 kg. I like my friends.

Summary: 보준 is a fantastic kid. He's handsome, fast and slim and he has many laugh stories. But he's not smart. Hobin, poor hobin, isn't handsome or fast and he's fat but he use the computer very well.


  1. ROFL!!! That is hysterical!!! Sadly, I totally understood without the translation. Yeah, I've been immersed into Korean education. lol

  2. waaaait what does it mean if I can understand it when I'm not in Korea at all... :o


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