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Monday, March 5, 2012

80's Ladies

Last Thursday was a holiday. The Korean translation for it is Independence Day but my Korean friend said it's not Independence Day... So who knows which holiday it actually is but there was no school so I'll take it!

To get everyone together and to do something fun, my friend Roman organized a photo scavenger hunt! Tiffany, Mary and I started early (well 10 am...) in the morning to plan our outfits and get ready. We decided to be the 80's Ladies and put on ridiculous clothes and makeup. None of the other teams dressed up but it was a good time.

Everyone met downtown and got the list of things to find. The two hours spent hunting was basically time for us to act a fool and make Koreans laugh. Things we had to find included:

  • Hold a baby
  • Picture with a Korean with food on your face
  • Plank
  • Human pyramid
  • Cola on the bottom, chicken on top
  • Dress like an ajumma
  • Kiss a Korean

We also had to get videos, varying in length of us hugging, proposing and singing in public. To judge who wins (and gets like $200!) all the groups have to upload the pictures and videos on Facebook and then everyone can vote for the best group. I'm pretty sure we have it in the bag! Take a loot at some of the craziness...

I think he's into me.

We probably picked the dirtiest spot downtown to do this...

Mary as an ajumma.

We had to eat "bondeggi", boiled silk worm larvae.


Two Korean men holding hands. Their facial expressions are priceless.

BABYYYYYY! He was not thrilled by the way.

One of my students helped out and posed for a photo!

Genius idea: Coke on the bottom with popcorn chicken on top!

Food on my face + a Korean. Done.

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