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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


My apartment must have been a quick turn-around. So the old tenants moved out and my boss signed the lease right away. How do I know this? For the first two days of living here Koreans came to see my apartment. And by came to see it I mean they had my door code and just walked in. About five sets of people total came in my apartment or almost came in my apartment.

One evening I was cooking dinner and some people walked in. I yelled "I LIVE HERE," and may have loudly expressed some other choice words at them.

People walking in is the reason I didn't sleep the first two nights I lived here. As I'd try to fall asleep, I'd have a nightmare that Koreans were walking in. The first night, a Korean was standing at the edge of my bed, looking at me. CREEPY. Then the second night my neighbors were being rowdy as I was going to sleep. I remember hearing their door close and then my nightmare started with them coming into my apartment. I tried to yell at them to get out but no sound could come out of my mouth.

Needless to say, the next day my boss came over to show me how to change my door code. Ever since, I've slept like an angel!

Yesterday morning I hear a knock at my door and then the doorbell ring. I thought, "Oh my gosh, if that is another Korean I'm going to lose!" Answered the door and there were two ajumas standing there. In my loud, they-don't-understand-English-so-maybe-if-I-speak-louder-and-slower-they-will-understand voice I said "I. LIVE. HERE. ME. HERE. LIVE." (while pointing inside my apartment signaling that I live IN the apartment...) They smile, nod and rattle off some Korean. So I try again. "ME (point to myself). SLEEP (motion head on pillow). HERE (point inside)." In Korean (and I magically understand) they ask if it's only me that lives here. I say yes. Then one ajuma brings a binder out of her purse and opens to a picture and points at it while rattling more Korean.

They're Jahova's Witnesses coming to convert me. In Korean.

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  1. LOL. (Yes, I'm playing catch up with your adventures. This one is PRICELESS.)


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