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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Korean Way

Koreans are notorious for... short notice. In America, we plan a lot (most people for the most part...) And if professional plans are made, Americans generally try really hard to keep the appointment (again, for the most part). Well not in Korea. Allow me to explain.

When the decision was made for me to switch jobs, my new director said I will move and start working as soon as he found an apartment for me. Fair enough. Didn't hear anything for a week, then heard that there weren't any places available in the desired area. So the next week (heard this on a Friday) he would start looking in a different are. OK...

Sunday afternoon I get a call that he found an apartment. Can I move today? Ummm NO! I hadn't even started packing... But I'll pack all day and I can move tomorrow. "Tomorrow morning?" He asked. Yes. I heard nothing that day... Didn't hear anything until Wednesday or Thursday and he said he would come Saturday night to move my stuff. Night. Saturday. As in dark outside... Right?

Noon on Saturday (and I prelude that with the fact that I stayed out incredibly too late Friday night and consumed a few too many adult beverages) I get a call. (Woke me up, of course.) He has an evening appointment he forgot about ("I am sorry!") and he will come at 2:00 p.m. so be home. He will call for directions. After the initial shock and the room stopped spinning, I start scrambling to be ready (I'd been living out of suitcases all week and had become unpacked again...)

At 1:30 I get another call (for directions) and then he says "I am here." Ha.

I still don't know officially when I start working. (It's the next Tuesday.) Oh Koreans...

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