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Friday, January 7, 2011

Holidays away from Home

Thanksgiving was hard. That's when it really hit me exactly how far I am and how long I've been away from family. In a way I was dreading Christmas. I wasn't in the Christmas spirit. Korea doesn't really pump up for it the way we do in the states. So even though I had Miriah's awful new Holiday album to listen to, my heart wasn't really into the season...

Luckily I have some amazing friends that were in the spirit enough for all of those who weren't (yes, I'm talking about you, Jenn*I have too much Christmas spirit for Pohang*C.)

The Holiday season kicked off with a wonderful girl's day in Dageu. We ate delicious food and did some shopping - most importantly for the upcoming ugly sweater party. Let me just tell you, Korea knows how to do ugly sweaters. We didn't even need to go to Goodwill and get the grandma/kindergarten teacher/filled with sequins and bells sweater. Korea has far better. Mine can be compared to horribly cut shag carpet with upside down reindeer. 

The aforementioned party was a delight. We had a gift exchange/white elephant and some of us ended up with great gifts (cash, mini massager, children's toys, etc). Others, well one person, got dried squid. Still fun.

My amazing coworker and me (sporting my shag carpet tacky sweater)

Group shot

Then the next week was Christmas. I had to work on Christmas Eve but it was a really fun day, beginning with my babies opening their long awaited stockings. And I got to have a party (slash make "pizzas") with all of my elementary classes. A good day all around. And what better way to end the Eve of baby Jesus' birth but with yummy Italian food and wine. 

Family, if you're reading this, I want to let you know that I love you soooooo much and I'm soooooo sad (enter mild sarcasm) I missed grandma's chili dog Christmas dinner, BUT my Christmas this year was so relaxing and enjoyable. 

Started with waking up at 1 p.m. Usually on Christmas day I'm up before 7 a.m. either going to church or cooking and getting ready to start the rush. From this house to this house, but can't stay long because I have to go here and there... blah blah blah. I mean divorced parents = double presents but double the planning and Christmas dinners you have to eat. And since I've gotten older and been of age to consume alcohol, that also means I can't partake too much because I have one more place to go and/or have to drive home. 

This year was much much different.

Like I said, I slept in. Then I went over to a good friends' (in my pajamas!) for coffee (with Baileys!) and soon another good friend joined us. Yummy brunch sandwiches followed, along with wine and ginger-bread-house-building. Once our buzz was on and our house intact (for the most part), it was time to set out for dinner. Had a wonderful Christmas dinner complete with turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, mac n cheese, green beans and rolls, AND real egg nog. Mmmmm. 

Drinking festivities continued into early morning hours. 

The next day was spent recovering, but I also had a week off of work! 

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