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Monday, May 31, 2010

Beer: At least it's not crack...

This post is dedicated to the beautiful city of St. Louis and the interesting individuals who reside there.

I've had a very fun weekend with people I love in the city I love! Chris (boyfriend) came up late Friday night. Saturday morning we went to my grandma's in Illinois to do some work on her bathroom. Chris did the construction stuff and I played gopher. (I had to "GO FER" all the stuff. Probably made about 60 trips up and down the flight of stairs.) Got all that done and later went to Lumier Place casino downtown.

I may have lost all the money I put in and even money my grandpa gave me to put in but the characters I saw there made up for it. We'll start with the guy at the entrance, wearing head to toe bright yellow with a thick red stripe down each side. (Stylin'!) Had shoes to match too. Yellow alligator with a red strip in the middle. Cool. Got even better when a guy with a not-as-cool getup went over and asked the guy where he got is outfit!

Then I saw a little Asian lady wearing this weird funfetti outfit head to toe. She dressed it up to with a tiger print jacket. It gets cold in there!

THENNNNN I found the new IN thing for sure. Just picture this: Oversized fanny pack, low slung on your hips (like it's gonna fall off), but it doesn't... because it's hooked through your belt loops! It's paired best with stained blue spaghetti strap tan top, sans bra of course, and titties that touch your knees!

That was fun... The next evening Chris and I decided to venture over to Rib America to check things out. Collective Soul played. Great band! (I'm sure they won't compare to Styx, Foreigner and Kansas coming up though!!) I got some cool new shoes and saw some cool characters.

Start with the semi-hippie looking lady who consistently jumped up and down (no one else in the crowd felt the need to jump but her) even when the band wasn't playing. She was feeling the music even when there was none. Then I saw a big old man who looked like Santa wearing a t-shirt that said "BEER - At least it's not crack". I thought it was funny but wasn't fast enough to snap a picture. Darn. In Korea, though, I will be ready to take pictures. From what I've heard Koreans like to take pictures of foreigners so I'm going to take pictures of locals. And act like a tourist.

Update: My interview at the Korean Consulate in Chicago is Wednesday! Taking Amtrak - the same one that derailed yesterday. Wish me luck!

The lead singer of Collective Soul with his cool hippie hair!

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