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Friday, May 28, 2010

Front page story: Burglar slayed in home of Korea-bound female

The move went (almost) seamlessly...except for the part where there wasn't enough room for all my stuff and underestimating the amount of stuff I had. Barely fit all the boxes and other junk into the asbestos-filled storage unit (btw...I spelled asbestos correctly on the first try). I call it junk but it's not. In my eyes, it is less I will have to buy when I journey back to America and (quickly) get my own place. I love home, I really do. But I have to remind myself that I haven't lived with parents since I was 17 years old, nor have they lived with me for that long. It takes adjusting...

Spent a couple days visiting my grandparents. I have great ones! I once again encountered car trouble. I can't wait to be in Korea where I don't have to drive a car or worry about it working. My vehicle isn't that old ('06) but is always breaking! My battery went dead. Luckily it was parked in my grandma's driveway so didn't have to pay $300 to tow it from Gerald, Missouri. Took an hour to FIND the battery...but long story short, it got fixed.

Rushed home yesterday because I got a call from Cindi in Manitoba, Canada telling me my visa number was issued! Got my visa app finished and over-night-ed it to Chicago. Called the Consulate at noon when my schtuff was set to arrive. Their automated system reminded me of Charter + AT&T. If you don't press the right prompt you get hung up on or in my case it just rings and rings and rings (Charter) and you have to listen to multiple languages (AT&T). Finally got someone after four attempts. Didn't get her name. She said "I check your paperwork call you back." Hour later, nothing. Hmmmm...

Just getting that number (well letters and numbers...) puts me one step closer to being in Pohang. I was secretly really really scared that they would deny me because of the conflict going on. If I thought about it too long I'd start thinking too much...What would I do for employment? Where would I live? Could I teach in a different country?... One more step and I will be a registered alien. (My Mexican cousin commented on my Facebook status, "Every Mexican's dream." I got a kick out of that)

Went to the Elephant Bar with an old friend last night. Pretty cool place. Also pretty expensive - especially for an unemployed budget. Then on the way home there was an awful accident on 270. A PT cruiser flipped upside down and across the far left lane. It had just happened too because the firetruck was the first to arrive on the scene and it was behind me at one point. Then I was behind it until traffic came to a stand still. They were using the jaws of live and preparing a stretcher as I drove by. One more reason I can't wait to leave the country and go to another where I won't drive.

Then last night I had to stay at home alone overnight. Not a big deal, right? Wrong. It was so scary. I slept very lightly, on the couch in the basement with butcher knives by my side, with all the lights on. Rewind a few hours... I'm in the basement watching TV and I think I hear a door open and footsteps upstairs. I mute the TV to listen. Nothing. I venture upstairs to investigate (with a glass Bud Light bottle as my weapon). I discover I had left the front door unlocked after I checked the mail. OMG! Just in case, I ditch the bottle and get two butcher knives to arm myself with. And go back downstairs. A little later I hear the floor squeak upstairs and a sound like a shower door closing. OMG! I go upstairs with my butcher knives and turn on all the lights, but still to scared to go into the bedrooms or bathrooms. I was convinced that a burglar/murderer was hiding in a shower, waiting for me to fall asleep. But I was armed. I would hack that burglar to death if he came downstairs.

I didn't have to use my knives.

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