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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Almost There!

I've made some progress since my last post! My interview in Chicago went well, my visa was approved and my flight has been booked! I leave eight days from today and although I have a list of stuff to pack, I have yet to actually pack. This is how I spend my time I could use to pack...!

Chicago trip started out a little rocky. We missed our train - the one that had previously de-railed. Quite possibly a blessing in disguise. We took the bus instead. You see some interesting characters riding the bus...

My interview was scheduled for 10:30 a.m. Actual interview time: 11:15 a.m.

Tip of the Day: Time is relative for Koreans. ASAP = month and a half, "Come when you get your visa" = June 23 and 10:30 = 11:15. This is actually perfect for me, as I am late more often than I'm on time or early.

Mr. Li was my interviewer (not sure what his title was). He asked me questions about myself, why I want to go to Korea, why I want to be a teacher, etc. He had already asked about my parents and what they do but towards what I thought was the end of my interview he asked if I came to Chicago alone. No. And if my parents were in the waiting room. My mom was. So he insisted I bring her back. This would have been easy if the waiting room was next door, but no, it was down a hallway, through another room and two locked doors. Mom thought it was time to go but I informed her that she will now be interviewed too. Haha not really... Mr. Li just asked her about me, told her that I'm spunky and that she should come teach in Korea too! THEN he told me that I passed and I will be a good fit for Korea!

Then mom, John and I toured Chicago via double decker buses and trolleys. There were like 15 stops all around the city. We ended up taking the full tour probably five times because we would stop here and there, get off, get on, take it back to our hotel, etc. Learned a lot about the city though! On Thursday we hung out at Navy Pier where we took an extreme boat ride. I enjoyed it but mom freaked out a little. We got to the train station super early so we wouldn't miss the train again and ventured home (after sitting on the track for an hour and a half late because there were "line issues").

Friday was Styx/Foreigner/Kansas. One word: AMAZING. Almost lost my camera... I thought I left it in the cup holder but luckily about four days later it was found in the car I didn't ride in. I'm pretty sure mom was taking pictures since it was in her purse and dropped it on the floor. That will teach my "alter-ego" to keep track of her belongings when she comes around.

A couple days later I spent a few days with my other grandparents and visited extended family before I leave. My Aunt Hilda asked me if I'm sure this is what I want to do. I thought, "Well, given I leave in about ten days, yes I'm sure." Aunt Mary on the other hand asked if I'm going to China. No, Korea. And mid-conversation she was still making references to China...? Friday we (me, Chris, mom, John, and my two younger cousins) went to Six Flags from open to close! At dinner afterward the Mexican waiter asked Chris if he wanted the big size margarita or "more bigger".

Tip #2: More bigger is always more better.

Now I'm making 60 cupcakes to take to my great Uncle's work for his birthday. (He's mentally challenged) Mom and I are taking them tomorrow and taking Uncle Pete to McDonalds for lunch - his favorite! Uncle Pete doesn't understand that I'm leaving. I tried to explain that I'm moving far away, on the other side of the ocean, for a year. The next day he asked how long it takes to drive there. So not sure if he understands or not, but he'll probably ask where I am at every family gathering for the next year.

Saturday is my going away party, Sunday am doing more visiting, Monday picking up pictures, Tuesday FOR SURE packing and leaving Wednesday, June 23 at 6:00 a.m.! I think I figured I'll be flying/in airports for 18-20 hours.

Here are some pictures from Chicago and the concert...

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