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Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Learning Experience...

First, thank you to my followers! All four of them - Jessica, Quintin, Chelsea, and Sara. Plus thank you to Casey! And once I get there I promise it will get more exciting.

So after the awkward interview and being offered a contract, I created a mental timeline:
  • Check on my criminal record check. It had to go to the State Police Department then the Secretary of State's Office in Jefferson City and then make its way back to me. I had already sent it off but hadn't heard anything about it. So at the end of the week I planned to even go to Jeff City to retrieve it.
  • The next week FedEx my documents to Korea.
  • Wait for my E2 visa number. (2-3 weeks)
  • Send my visa application to the Korean Consulate in Chicago.
  • Make a trip to Chicago for an interview.
  • THEN go...
Sunday when I get back to my apartment and checked the mail, my criminal record check was waiting for me! (Minus 1 week) And an email from Cindi, my visa helper, said in some asap situations like mine, you can get your E2 number in as little as 7-10 days rather than 2-3 weeks. (Minus 1 week) Also, the consulate may make an exception and let me do a phone interview because I don't live close. (Minus 1 week)

So I'll wait while you get your calculator so you can do the math.... My estimated (my mental predicting anyways...) departure went from 5-6 weeks to 2-3!

[Enter mental breakdown]

I mean after all, it's not often that you make a decision to move literately around the world and do it in like a month!

Then I did more corresponding with Cindi and did mucho planning on the home-front. I put in my 10-day notice at work. Made plans to start packing my apartment and move back home next weekend. And I sent the $70 package with the next year of my life in it to Korea.

Then the email I got this morning taught me my first Korean lesson.

TIP: Korean meaning for "ASAP" (as soon as possible for those of us who speak American) does not directly translate the same. It really means "In like a month or so. Maybe a little longer."

Found out my school would like me to arrive on June 23 for training. Cool. One month of unemployment and inability to collect unemployment. Hmmm... We'll see what happens. Stay tuned.

Oh and feel free to comment on my posts!!

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  1. I am now follower #5. I hope you enjoy Korea as much as I do. Enjoy your time with your friends and family while you can. It'll go by so quickly!


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