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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Good news Heather is hired after interview

I got the job! That means soon I am Korea bound. Very soon after my interview (less than 24 hours) I received an email telling me I was chosen for the job and an attachment with the contract. I read the contract in detail with my mom and have some questions but no major concerns or red flags.

After discussing everything with mom, I have decided it will be best to move home at the end of the month, and hopefully move to Korea the first or second week of June, pending my visa. That way I will have time to see my family/friends, pack and learn how to be a teacher! (Not to mention that means I will get to put in my two weeks notice at work this Thursday! Pretty sure that's what I'm most excited for at this point!)

I am still waiting on my background check. I will call Jefferson City on Monday to check the progress. (Neither of my checks have been cashed for the check or to have it apostilled...) If need-be, I will make the four hour trip next week on my days off. Mom has offered to go with me. Then I will have to arrange for my consulate interview. I still have questions about this but I will likely go to Chicago the next week. Mom is great and offered to take me there too. I'll miss her the most! I even miss her when we're only 90 miles apart.

On a happier note, I did get to spend a few days with her even though I'll miss Mother's Day. We went to Grant's Farm yesterday. Perfect mix between the Zoo and the Anheuser-Busch Brewery tour. Animals and free beer! The elephant show was the best I've ever seen. Today we just took it easy and hung out.

Goal for this week: pack up my entertainment center and find out where my background check is!

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