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Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer rant

It's full on summer in Korea. I'm definitely enjoying it (more posts to come on my summer fun). However, after spending the morning shopping with Koreans who are just completely unaware of their surroundings, always, and trying to doge the idiot drivers on the road, I need to rant for a moment. These are the things that annoy me today.

Ajummas (and old men, too):

I understand your culture, ladies. Women can wear the shortest shorts and skirts possible, but heaven forbid they show their shoulders. My dress is at my knees, my cleavage is not showing. I finally have a tan so I'm going to show it off. My culture doesn't have the dress codes yours does. So staring me down, eyes all judgy  and gawking doesn't help the situation. It's freaking hot out. I'm a foreigner. I sweat. When I sweat, I typically kind of stink, and not the kimchi and garlic stink like you. Sooooo I will continue to wear my sleeveless clothing and you can just suck it!

I've been nice so far, but I notice your eyes and what you mutter to your ajumma friend. Soon I'm going to start looking you bitches straight in the eye and gawk back at the hideous print on your visors.


I like the fact that I can get away with driving my scooter, definitely illegally. For that (until the law buckles down and I get fined), thank you, Korea. However, learn how to freaking drive. When you notice my scooter driving next to your window, don't try to merge into my lane. Don't stop in the middle of the road when I'm behind you to look at something that strikes your fancy. When you can see that your lane is ending or is closed up ahead, don't get all the way up to the closing, expecting me to let you in. Because I won't. When my friend is driving her car and needs to get over one lane, let her in. That's what nice drivers do. If you don't, I'll curse you in a language you can't understand.

Air conditioning:

Use it. I've heard horror stories from my public school teacher friends about how they just can't use their air conditioner this year. That is bullshit. It's hot out. It's hot in. Luckily my school does actually use the air conditioners. However, every day, I go into my "air conditioned" office and start to sweat profusely. Why, do you ask? The temperature on the thing is set to 26 degrees Celsius. Outside it is 27 degrees Celsius. Hmmm... If the inside temperature is basically the same as the stinking hot outside temperature, doesn't running the AC defeat the purpose? America and central air, I miss you! The one place in this country I've found central air is at my business class. I get cold in there. No complaining about that though. I'll take all the coldness I can get.

I'm done ranting for now.

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