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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wicked Seoul

After a completely relaxing weekend after Thailand, the next week I was geared up to go to Seoul. We'd gotten tickets to see the musical Wicked performed (in English!) by an Australian troupe.

We started our Saturday morning journey with some road beverages of the alcoholic sort. After lunch and a quick little siesta we were ready to make our way to dinner and the theater. The guys opted to drink their dinner outside on the street corner but the ladies enjoyed drinks and appetizers inside.

Enjoying mozzarella sticks, the way they are meant to be enjoyed!

After some quick photos and chit-chatting outside the venue, the show was ready to start!

All the ladies.

Cool set.

We were in the last row so Amber made some "binoculars."

Even though we were the farthest back, the venue was small enough for us to see just fine. We did get in a little trouble. Apparently it's "illegal" to take refreshments (for example, soju and mixers from Family Mart) into the theater. And even worse, after drinking said beverages, our bladders were bursting before the end of  the first act. We tried to get out to pee but the nazi usher wouldn't let us out. So we wanted to wait by the door so we could bee line for the bathrooms once the lights went up for intermission (very soon) but the nazi made us go back to our seats. The guys made it out but Leigh didn't get back in. Low and behold, he sat practically front row for the first act. All in all, the show was wonderful. It wasn't my first time and probably won't be my last. It's a great production.

Then it was out to get our party on. Who knows how many places we went. I even ran into a good friend from Pohang at one of the insanely packed bars. We also got to meet up with a few lovely friends living in Seoul. It was so nice to see them, and luckily, they will make another appearance later.

At the bars and clubs, I felt like the guys were really threatening and... just stupid. I felt more comfortable, ironically, at the gay bars. So a friend and I spent most of our late night there. Early into the morning, almost all of our group had gone back to our hotel for sleep. I, however, ran back into my friends as the sun was coming up (actually it was probably already up at this point) and decided to get breakfast with them. I was so excited for a real western breakfast! But after walking around for what seemed like ages (and it probably was), we settled on McDonalds.

So tired...

Some random friends I'd made earlier on the dance floor.

This guy was in bad shape... Notice the beers on the table (at McDonalds at 9 a.m.)

I finally made it to bed around 9 a.m. I think. Had just enough time for about an hour and a half of sleep before everyone else in my room was up and getting ready. Needless to say, I was the last out the door, still in a drunken stupor. What better in that state than to have a Bloody Mary breakfast! I did get my real western breakfast (and a few of my favorite red drink, including one to go!)

Drink to go? I think so! And a quick note: I didn't even have energy to put on real clothes so I'm wearing my nightgown/mu-mu as a dress. My friends said I pulled it off well but pretty sure they were just trying to be nice.

After shopping for the rest of the afternoon in the heat wearing my nightgown, I pretty much felt like death. We eventually made it back home and I got to think about exactly how much money I'd spent over the weekend. It was a ridiculous amount. The title, Wicked Seoul explains what we did along with the experience. Seoul is indeed wicked to my wallet. It was probably close to the same I spent in Thailand to cover accommodation, food and activities for ten days, or definitely as much or more than my flight. I justified my splurge because I don't go to Seoul often. And luckily, the summer weekends can be pretty cheap when you're a beach bum!

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