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Friday, June 22, 2012

Cyber Grandpa

I frequently get emails that are sent to me accidentally. I've gotten lawn care estimates, invoices and invites to book clubs. I'd really like to know what the correct email address is for this other Heather Hayes so I can forward her all of the correspondences I receive on her behalf and find out if she gets emails for me too. (Pretty sure my PR professor was sending her daily emails every day for like a month in college...) In one possibly misdirected message, I was greeted as "Jennifer." The content did pertain to me, I think, and complemented me on this very blog. (Josh, if you're reading this, I mean no offense. I found it hilariously funny and if you, in fact, weren't referring to my blog, forward me a link to Jennifer's blog. I want to read it!)

When I get these emails I always politely reply to notify the sender of the mistake. It's the least I can do, right? Sometimes I get replies of thanks or apologies, sometimes nothing. Sometimes I get replies from everyone in the book club.

There is one sender, Grandpa, who just doesn't realize that since February 2011 (probably when he learned how to use a computer) he has been sending emails and pictures to someone other than his granddaughter. Take a look.

This was the first picture I received. I didn't reply.

8/28/2011 and 9/3/2011
Second set of photos. 

Reply: "Love the pictures of bones, dude, but you've been sending them to the wrong person the whole time."

Third set.

Reply: "You have the wrong email address. Please change it in your address book."

Fourth occurrence.

Reply: "You have the wrong email address in your contacts. Please change it. I'm not the Heather Hayes you are trying to contact."

4/7/2012 and 4/22/2012

Obviously Grandpa isn't the best photographer.

By the way, I still hadn't discovered that it was Grandpa sending me these pictures every so often. I found that out two days ago when I woke up to, "Grandpa has sent you an e-card." I immediately knew that it wasn't really for me because neither of my grandpas know how to operate a computer. (It was not a free e-card, by the way. Hopefully Grandpa got his money back.)

Here's a link to it!

If it doesn't work, that's too bad. But at the end, the message says, "Got you nice carh." No, c-a-r-h is not a typo on my behalf. Grandpa needs a grammar lesson from me. The e-card gave me the opportunity to reply, so I did. And this is Grandpa and I's further correspondence.

Me: Grandpa, that was a lovely e-card, but I just wanted to let you know that it was sent to the wrong email address. Please verify the correct one with the person you meant to send it to and change your address book accordingly. Thanks.

Grandpa: Send me the one you want I will change all my accounts.

Me: I don't know which email address you need. I'm not your granddaughter.

Grandpa: it was c/o of you my dear

Me: You still have the wrong email address. Please contact your granddaughter and ask her for the correct one.
Grandpa: so your kids have their own email accounts?

Me: Nooooooo.... I am a complete stranger to you. You don't know me. I don't even live in the United States. You are emailing the wrong Heather Hayes because you have the wrong email address. Talk to your Heather Hayes (by phone, not email!) and get the correct one! Do you understand?

I think he might have gotten the idea. So that may be it for emails from my Cyber Grandpa.

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