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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Jeju: Part 1

Jeju-do is considered to be the Korean Hawaii. All Koreans long to visit at least once in their life. I'm lucky to have a friend who recently moved here and a great excuse to see this magical place!

Flying to Jeju was one of the more comical flights I've ever taken. I knew this was probably the first time flying for at least 50 percent of passengers. (20 percent were infants or children... Don't get me started on crying babies on airplanes! I was fortunate to be seated next to silent old people.)

I heard a few "oohs" as we covered the runway. The "ahs" were plentiful as we leveled off - which is completely not worty of such gasping and amazement in my opinion.

It took me back to my first time flying that I could clearly remember. (That time when I flew with my stepsister at age eight in matching polka-dot tank tops. The cool kind that tied in the front, revealing the every so small bit of midriff.)

I was 15. So excited but so scared. I can remember my palms sweating profusely and heart racing as the plane cruised faster and faster down the runway. I gripped the armrest as tightly as possible. Eyes closed, I eagerly waited for take-off to be over. That wasn't so bad, was it?

It was at the time... Luckily it only took about one or two more flights to conquer my fear and develop a love of flying. That trip actually included a lot of flights. Jetting off to Europe at sixteen with no parents isn't something that a lot of people I know do.

Ever since, I've been blessed to have travled to ten other countries and constantly want to add to the list!

(I'm happy to announce my next travel destination to the public. I'll be going to the Philippenes for twelve days at the end of September!)

Stay tuned for more on my Jeju trip and other summer happenings!

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