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Monday, February 28, 2011


One of the highlights of my new job is grading diaries. My upper elementary and middle school students have to write in a diary once a week. Some of the things they write are priceless. Here's one I corrected today. Quite bizarre and I don't understand but I don't ask questions...


To Rabbit

Hello my name is EunHi Oh.
I killed you. Maybe you are in the sky now.
I'm sorry. But I think you were good to me...
Weren't you? But I liked you ~
I hope you went to the sky.
I was very sad about you.
Because I saw your body.
In Your body... your intestine...
You know? Your intestine is very long.
Um... well it is about 2 meters?
Very very big... Goodbye ~

Not sure if she disected a rabbit in science class or what... Who knows. But thought I'd share!

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