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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Computer crisis

Just when everything else in life is blissful, my computer breaks. Those close friends and family members who know how good I am with electronics (well, all expensive things, cars included) shouldn't be surprised. I don't know exactly what's wrong with it. It just won't charge. I bought a new power cord but that didn't help in the slightest.

Although having a computer wouldn't help as the internet in my building has been out for nine days and counting now.

So as soon as internet is back up and my beloved computer is functioning again I shall post pictures of beautiful Busan.

I'll also take a moment to update on rather mundane happenings in my life.

  1. I LOVE my apartment. I'm sure I've mentioned that already but seriously, it's true love. Not sure why... It's just cozy. And now I have my oven!
  2. I LOVE my oven. After my return from Busan I thought I'd try it out. I roasted a chicken. After the initial burning smell, the roasting bird created savory smells in my little abode.
  3. I discovered the joy of Tom N Toms. A friend introduced us. It's pure lust right now but could quite possibly turn into love. I was instantly addicted to the cream cheese pretzle. I was then tempted to try my own luck at perfecting pretzles. Not perfection quite yet but I'm on my way. The regular one tasted like bread. Then I made a pizza pretzle and after that a deli one. I thought they were decent. I'll need a third party taster to critique and/or compliment. Any volunteers?
  4. I've started P90X. We'll see how long I can stick to it. The Keno video was fun and the core strength kicked my butt the next day. Literately. My butt was super sore.
  5. My family back home in St. Louis, Missouri was recently "blessed" with mounds and mounds of snow. Love you all but I'm NOT JEALOUS!! Our snow in Pohang (from January 3) is finally almost all melted and we've been having gorgeous weather. This week it's supposed to be upper 50s! Did Punxsutawney Phil not see his shadow this year?!?!
  6. I'm writing right now from a PC-Bang. Kind of like an internet cafe. Only it's Korean after Korean (go figure) playing computer games. No clue what games they're playing but most seem to be playing the same one. You could stay in a PC bang playing games for 24 hours straight (or more) and have food delivered and everything. I'd even take it a step further and say you could probably LIVE in a PC-Bang. To the Korean next to me: If you have to leave to buy eye drops at the GS, you've been gaming too long. Go home.
That's it for now.

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  1. You're welcome for the introduction to Tom & Toms. It's my favorite decadent treat.


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