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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Korea has pretty similar weather to what I'm used to back home - for the most part. Summers are hot and humid. Winters are cold, with the occasional light snow but nothing major. UNTIL this year... Pohang to be specific has gotten more snow this winter than it's had in the past 60 years (I've also heard the last snow like this was over a century ago!!). Crazy!

The morning of January 3 it started snowing (before I woke up). And it continued to snow and snow and snow. School was canceled and the streets were filled with I'd say 8 inches after all the precipitation was finished. And then night came which froze all the snow to ice... Another day off school then fast forward to early February. All the ice is FINALLY melting from January.

Then Valentine's Day... Not much love was spread in the 'Hang because we got like two feet of snow. Like January's snow storm, it started snowing early in the morning (anything before 9 am is early for me these days) and continued for 15 hours!! Crazy, right?!?! I finally ventured out of my cozy apartment around 10:30 and the snow was literately up to my knees. And I'm a fairly tall gal.

This time it didn't get cold so the snow is melting much quicker. But the second day, the snow was still to high for cars/buses to get out. Sooo I had another snow day. By Wednesday it was back to work, tromping through the new slush that covers my path.

There's not much else going on to report in my khronicles. I'm planning two international trips right now. I'll be jetting off to Okinawa, Japan in May, then in September I'll be touring China! While everyone back home is enjoying Spring weather, I'm stuck in yucky cold winter still. I'm eagerly awaiting rising temperatures so I can finally enjoy being outside to stretch my legs.

I'll post pictures (of Busan still and the recent snow storm) when I can. My boss, the gem that he is, took my computer and said he'd take it to a shop to be repaired. (Wonderful!) But a week and a half later it's still sitting in his office. Not sure when I'll ever get my beloved back...

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