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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Best. Coffee. Shop. Ever.

I had a glorious Coffee Sunday with the girls today. Usually we spend our Sundays at one of two coffee shops: Starbucks or Seven Monkey's. Starbucks has comfy chairs but it's a bit overpriced and Korean's point and stare through the glass wall. Seven Monkey's has a stamp card to get free drinks but there are only a few drinks I like there and the seating isn't that comfortable.

Today my Jenn introduced me to a FAB "new" place. It's actually been in Pohang for over six months now but it's off the beaten path and doesn't have an English sign. Well it's wonderful. I'm still not sure of the name but there are several reasons it's my new fav:

  • Free refills! I bought one vanilla latte and got two refills (regular black coffee, but still but it's GOOD coffee!)
  • Free toast! They have a platter of bread out and a toaster and jam for your toast!
  • They have reward stamp cards too!
  • Special treats! The barista approached me and The Fran with a wine glass. (What?!?!) And announced that it's Dutch coffee.
  • The atmosphere is so cozy! It has a vintage, chic style. The tile is mismatched prints and parts of the walls and ceiling are covered in different printed fabric. There are several types of vintage light fixtures. It's super cute.
  • They have heated toilet seats. This Korean feature surprises and excites me every time. 
  • They give away coffee beans and ground coffee. Unlike some chain coffee houses, this place roasts and grinds their own beans.
And let me explain more about our iced Dutch coffee in a wine glass... I noticed on one wall they had these burette-type contraptions set up. That's how they cold brew specialty coffees. The water comes out one drip per second, into a beaker of coffee grounds and goes down through a filter into another beaker. We were told it takes 12 to 24 hours for one batch to brew! It smelled kind of like wine and chocolate... It was really good. They shall get much more of my business and Coffee Sundays!!

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