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Friday, April 22, 2011

Ajumma update

I know you're all dying to know the outcome of my ajumma adventure. Did they come to my home? the answer is maybe. I turned my phone off an hour before they were supposed to come. At one point I heard some voices out in the hall downstairs. I may or may not have turned off everything making noise in my apartment to give the illusion that no one was home... I turned my phone back on an hour and a half later to get a call. I then turned my phone back off. Then I got a text message a little later:

Hi ~ this is Eun joo. Do you remember me? What day do you have a time? I want to study English.

I told her there's a fee for English lessons and she never responded. She called me again today but I was still sleeping from my eventful night out. Now I'm out of minutes and can't call or text her. Maybe she'll call again. I'll teach her English if she's willing to pay!

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