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Monday, May 2, 2011

Synonyms and Antonyms

We learned about synonyms and antonyms in my class today. This particular class has been desperately trying to hook me up with their English teacher at school. This is what they tell me about him:

JD teacher:
46 years old
wears glasses
a little chubby
BUT he's funny...                         ((I guess they know "my type" so well...))

During our lesson today this is the conversation that went down.

Anna: Heather, you want to marry JD teacher?
Me: No. What is an antonym for good?
Anna: Why, teacher? You are married?
Me: No.
Anna: You have boyfriend?
Me: No.
Anna: You marry JD teacher!
Me: No.
Anna: Why? He is nice and funny teacher!
Me: I'm sure he is, but I don't know him.
Miki: He is bald.
Anna: JD teacher is nice. You are mean. Antonym, teacher.

Great job showing me you understand the lesson today but I'm still not going to marry JD teacher...


  1. I think Korean kids are raised to be professional subject-avoiders. Nice job integrating the lesson though.


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