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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

See you later

Goodbyes are terrible...

As I've already mentioned, one of the greatest things about teaching in Korea is you get to meet some amazing people from all over the world and form strong friendships with them. The downside to that is you will always have to say goodbye. Everyone goes home or moves on.

This morning I said goodbye (for the 10th time) to one of my best friends I've made in Korea. She's been the one to give me advice on guys and friendships and advice on life in general. She's helped motivate me to be a healthier person. For example, one time a bunch of girls made plans to go hiking on a Saturday morning. We stumbled home at probably 4 or 5 a.m. but still got up to go hiking because we knew Jenn would be disappointed int is if we canceled. We get to the bus stop and no Jenn. She didn't feel well that morning (Frances knew but thought it would be better not to tell the others!). She was very proud of us though!

But it's not goodbye - just see you later.

And now for another funny Boss story... At the airport before her flight, we all sit down to have some coffee and he gives her a little gift. She opens it and there's a mirror and a calendar. And a metal nail file and nail scissors! We politely let him know that you can't take those things on the plane. They aren't allowed. He was legitimately surprised, bless his heart.

So then he leaves the restaurant and comes back with another little gift bag. Some ginseng. "It's good for your health." (Koreans think ginseng cures everything.) It's not ginseng tea or ginseng root. It's ginseng juice. Liquid... Haha! We let him know she probably can't take that on the plane either because it's liquid. He says, "No! It's okay. You can take it!" Say that to the TSA agent who says otherwise...

Saying goodbye was really sweet though. He told her, "Today the weather is raining. That is my feeling to say goodbye to you. I remember you always."

So Jenn, I remember you always, thank you for everything, good luck and see you later! Love you.

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