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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's an ajuma day...

An "ajuma" is technically a married woman in Korean. Most ajumas are classified with the following:

  • The color purple
  • Permed hair
  • Visor and other various types of ridiculous head gear
  • Hiking gear
  • Bedazzled everything
Ajumas rule Korea. What the ajuma says, goes. That's pretty much besides the point but this post is to reinforce the hilarity of every day life in Korea. 

The story starts when my friend Jenn and I were walking to a little park about  five minutes from our apartment building. We were going to do some exercises and stuff. Almost to our destination, I have to pee... I don't want to go back (because that would take all of 10 minutes...) so Jenn says, "There are bushes at the park. Just squat. I've peed in a rice field before... It'll be fine." 

Eh... Why not... Minor detail, but there are no bushes at the park. And there are residential buildings surrounding it. Hmmm... While contemplating what to do, Jenn shouts, "Ohhhh there's an ajuma peeing."

Yes, ajumas can even pee (and poo) wherever they feel like it. There was no bush or anything to hide behind. Well there was a car but she didn't deem in necessary to shelter herself while urinating. (Yes, I peed outside, during the daytime, behind a bench, at a park with a playground. Jenn and I acted like we were doing exercises. It was fine.)

After our exercises at the kid park we moved to the ajuma park where there are machines that ajumas "work out" with that do almost absolutely nothing.

Just for fun, I'll tell you a story from my friend Chad about ajumas and bodily functions... According to him, he's outside his school smoking and looks over to see an ajuma look directly at him, drop her drawers, pop a squat and take a poop. While Chad is still watching. No big deal. 

(2) I want to be an ajuma when I grow up.


  1. wow, i never saw a Ajuma do it, but i've seen men do it. thats so wild.. idk what i would do if i saw that.. run or look in pure disbelief

  2. Haven't seen them poo, but have seen the tell-tale paper left behind a few time. I have seen a couple halmeonis (grannies) drop their pants to urinate on a neighbors walkway. Scary stuff.


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