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Friday, May 11, 2012


My girlfriends and I had such a blast in Busan together for Chinese New Year that we planned early in the year to go back for St. Patrick's Day in March. I spent the last green holiday there as well and had a blast. One of the most memorable experiences from that trip over a year ago was The Dirty 30. I still talk about that place. Our new favorite crash pad, WOW Motel blows Dirty 30 out of the water! Each room is equipped with a huge bathtub to accommodate multiple people and king size beds to sleep all the guests in your party. (WOW should hire me for their PR!)

Enough about WOW. While we did sleep there, we didn't actually spend much time in that location. Since the local Irish Pub, Wolfhound, got packed early last year, we prepared ourselves this time around and got there early. Really early. Doors opened at noon so we were there at noon. No, not really. We decked ourselves out in our greenest garb (I referred to myself as Lady Leprechaun most of the night) and didn't arrive until 1:30. Since St. Patrick's Day is obviously a drinking holiday, we prepared to drink all day, thus, required some substance in our stomachs first. Luckily, Wolfhound has great food and we got there early enough to get good service and green beer!

We had a blast and I considered it a highly successful drinking holiday. Hopefully St. Patrick's Day in America can compete.

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