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Friday, September 2, 2011

Curse words in class

In America, if a student uses foul language during class, that student would... well I don't know what would happen. But in my class, well... all I can really do is take points away from them and tell their Korean teacher to call their mother. (Wooo... scary... Actually, it probably is pretty scary. Korean mothers are vicious. No offense to any Korean mothers who might read this.)

Anyways, yesterday I had my back turned to the class (my most obnoxious, terrible group of adolescent sixth graders) and a word we were studying urged me to sing a little diddy and I hear "Shebal." "Shebal," my friends, is the worst curse word in the Korean vocabulary. Equivalent to... you know what... I can't even post it on the World Wide Web. (It rhymes with Buck Dew.) So my eyes quickly dart around the room angrily as students ask, "What, teacher?" I asked who said the bad word and one angry student fessed up to it. Pretty sure I was more angry though. (A little background... I have two girls in this class who don't respect me and have no clue how to combat the issue...)

First I ask how many points you lose for bad language. (Of course none of the students have an answer... So I ask a Korean teacher. The students accumulate points to buy things at Market Day.) I then take 20 points away from her ($2), and tell her to leave the classroom. After I finished teaching my lesson I went into the office where her Korean teacher was lecturing her. Then it was my turn. I told her, "If you say bad words in my class, at least say them in English. If you had said "F-you," it would only be minus five points." And her homework was to write me a letter of apology.

This was my letter (verbatim):


You come before 
           John and me fighting so Choi (the head teacher) give sb a good scolding and I'm so angry and I'm sad. but Jhon is keep laugh and get funny with Andy I see I'm so angry. becase I say "시 발" (F-you in Korean) bad language I'm sorry.
           but John is keep make me angry I'm go outside He is close the door. I speak bad language. I'm sorry.

I gave her some candy and told her to learn English curse words on the internet.

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  1. LMAO is that really the right reward and words of wisdom lol???


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