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Monday, August 29, 2011

Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting

One more birthday has passed and it was a good day. My coworkers presented me with a pink princess cake, friends came in town for my birthday dinner (which I was an hour late for... sorry folks who came out but I barely got to see...) and I danced the night away afterwards.

Cake #1 from work

Cake #2 from my friend Teddy


Birthday shot with the JSD girls!

Dancing at TILT

My birthday, however, was just another day that got me closer to seeing the most important person in my life: My mom! She'll arrive to me in Korea in 11 days (who's counting...) We've been waiting for this day since June 23rd, 2010!

Mom and I have decided to make a list of seven places in the world we want to visit together. Well, we've made a list of three places so far... China is #2. So we're heading to the land of Kung Fu, communism and a wall you can see from space! After waiting for three weeks on an answer, I finally cornered my boss and demanded a yes or no to my vacation time (even though our flights and private tour is already booked...) and the strange man looked at his calendar for about 30 seconds and said, "Okay." I've gotten three weeks of, "I'll tell you as soon as possible," and in less than a minute I get, "Okay." *rolls eyes*

Our private tour will include eight days in three cities: Beijing, Xian and Shanghai. We'll get a chance to see Pandas at the Beijing Zoo, climb the Great Wall, eat some duck and many other things. In Xian we'll also get to take a Chinese cooking lesson! 

After our adventure in China, mom is coming back to Korea with me for a week which will include a trip to the DMZ. 

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  1. Yay for birthdays in Korea. They can be so much fun!

    And awesome that you've got your trip coming up soon. Looking forward to reading about it :-)


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