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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Korea: 1 USA: 0

I'm not being deported! The last time I updated I had a 15 day extension to get my paperwork in. At that time I thought 15 days was more than enough time. Well, it wasn't. I was on day 14 still with no papers from America. I was pretty terrified to find out my fate when I went to immigration one final time.

I go in with my boss and the immigration was ready for me. Had all of my paperwork and alien card sitting right there on his desk. Korean words were exchanged for a few minutes and he looked through the papers I had... Then he gets out his sharpie marker and writes on the back of my alien card. BAM. Visa renewed. Just like that. (I could have written in sharpie myself...)

So I'm a legal alien still. Celebrating Korea style all weekend! Wooooooo!

Oh and if anyone has connections at the Secretary of State's office, let me know. I REALLY need to track down my paperwork and find out when it might be processed.

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