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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bad Activity

My last class on Fridays is a rather troublesome group of 6th graders. I've finally learned that spontaneous rewards is the best way to motivate them. They go crazy for stickers (they can be redeemed for "money"). This particular class period I didn't give out any stickers. One student, Jorden, was NOT happy. In Korea, I hear him cuss - the worst Korean cuss word there is.

I called him out and he denied saying it. "No, teacher, I say Ahhhhh." I'm American but I'm not stupid... So I take him to his Korean teacher. She has words with him and he didn't come back to class until it was over and he handed me a letter - an apology letter. I thought the world might like to read. It's quite comical.

"I am say bad words at the Heather time and I regret teacher say not question and i say bad words the Korean. It is very bad activity and I regret my activity. I am going to haven't say the bad words because it was very bad activity and teacher say at me Did you say the bad words but I say the not. This so I have two bad activity this English time after this time I am not say and the bad words and activity after this time I'd be polite to and behave my shelf."

I'll like to see if Jorden really does behave himshelf.

My troublemakers :) Jordan is on the left.

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