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Monday, March 7, 2011

Time on Tuesdays

My Tuesday work schedule is super easy. I'm done with my lesson planning and still have a big chunk of break left. So I might as well share some random stories...

Story 1: My new computer came today! As I walked into my office, it sat there, waiting to be unwrapped like a child's Christmas present. Only on Christmas, kids generally get to tear into the pretty packaging and tough-to-open plastic casing (sometimes to find out mom forgot to buy batteries. Woops.). They don't have to watch the clock as the second hand tics on and on and on. Just waiting for that time to go home.

I admit, I did rip it open and take it out, but only admire it's beauty and show off my new toy to my friends (coworkers). Now I'm just waiting for 6:30 to roll around so I can go play!

Story 2: At Kid's College it was a rare day that I didn't wipe tears from someone's face. I had babies every day. It was to be expected. But here at Jung Chul, my students are a bit older. If they cry, they better have a good reason to, basically... Well I made my first kid cry yesterday.

His name is Zeus (only he can't pronounce Zeus so we call him Juice) and he's the exact kind of student I'm always drawn to. Borderline BD little boy who drives everyone nuts. I have a soft spot on my heart for those children. I could tell Juice was having a bad day when I walked in. I tenderly patted him on the back and asked if he was ok. Fighting back tears, he said ok.

Midway through the lesson I see that he has his whole page of questions filled in. We were only on number two. So I asked him to erase his answers and copy the answers on the board. "No," he said, eyes welling up. (I don't take kindly to being told no - especially when I am the authority figure) We went back and forth for a minute. He refused to erase his answers so I told him to leave the classroom. Once again, he refused, and cried even harder. This, of course, makes me furious. I pretend to leave to call his mom and he panicked and agreed to erase. I let him know that he will be coming to my office to talk after class. More tears.

After class he begged and begged no. He really didn't want to come to my office. The principal saw. His Korean teacher saw. I'm sure it appeared like I was going to beat him if he came with me. I was nice... I let him know that he MUST listen to me always. I made sure he understood and let him go home, still crying. I felt awful because he's such an adorable kid.

Today after his class he came up to me and apologized in English with a big smile. Made my heart grin. AND I got a hug. Juice reminds me a lot of myself when I was younger - moody, emotional and always defying authority. Oh wait, that's still me!

Next up: (finally) Pictures that have been waiting to be posted.

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