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Monday, August 16, 2010

Dragons = Domination

Friday was summer camp for kids at Kid's College. We "hosted" an overnight camp for the kiddies at this "inn" (my supervisor called it an inn but they basically rented out some cabins and an open yard about 40 minutes from school).

Not gonna lie... when I found out about the even I wasn't thrilled. It meant I had to go to work a little earlier and even though we (American teachers) didn't have to spend the night with the children, we still stayed relatively late. After the fact, however, I'm really glad we had to go. It was a lot of fun!

The kids were already there by the time I got there. The boys played soccer, the girls played on the teeter-totter and chatted. Then all the kids split up into teams. The teams were a mix of all the students so it gave me the opportunity to get to know kids I see every day but didn't know.

First thing was first - we needed a team name. The kids shouted out ideas. The girls came up with names like "Kittens" and "Purple" (to which the boys shouted "TEACH-UH, NOOOOOOO") and the boys wanted "Soccer" and "Moon"... I made the executive decision when I heard the word "dragon". So we were the dragons.

Kickball kicked off the first of the competitions. Dragons dominated. Then a mission race. Kind of like a relay race. They had to run to the other side of the field, pick up a piece of paper, read it and then do what the paper said. For example, if the clue said "find a girl wearing glasses" they had to find a girl with classes (duh) and run with her back to the other side. Jenn Teacher and I went head to head for the last round. I won! (Unfortunately the individual she had to seek out ran from her!) Dragon domination!! (Kid's got a sticker when we won.)

The rest of the evening included eating Korean BBQ, killing bugs, a slapping game with girls (it was a weird game they taught us), charades, a speech contest and other fun games. So all in all, it was a very positive experience. But not something I want to do on a regular basis. Have I mentioned that Korea summers are super hot? Very comparable to St. Louis summers...

Then on Saturday I went to Daegu (1.5 hour bus ride) to watch a baseball game. Like a traditional summer baseball game, it was disgustingly hot. The Samsung Lions didn't have nearly as many fans attending (their biggest section was like a fraction of Busch Stadium at home). They were no Cardinals but at least they won 8-2. Meanwhile, the Cards were playing the Cubs so I supported in my Cardinals attire. AND I sang "Take me Out to the Ballgame" during the 7th inning stretch (there wasn't one so I made one...) and definitely replaced "root root root for the home team" with "root root root for the Cardinals." (Good thing I did, too. We beat the Cubbies 6-3!)

Thursday is my birthday. Plans are in the makings for BBQ and girls night! It will be different not seeing my friends and family. But that's the good thing about birthdays... there will always be more, as long as the good Lord allows it!

Above: Kid's College Summer Camp Kiddies! Below: Final score for the Samsung Lions game, Dragon team huddle and the massive amounts of Korean fans who show up for pro-ball games.

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