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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Conversation of the Day

At the beginning of class I ask them random questions about the date, the weather, how they are, etc. So I ask Molly how her day has been. And here's the conversation:

Molly: Teacher, my grandpa died yesterday.
Me: Oh Molly I'm so sorry. Do you need a hug?
Molly: No.
Me: So he... died? He is not living anymore?
Molly: Yes. He had a headache.
Me: He had a headache?
Molly: Yes.
Me: And then he died? Because he had a headache?
Molly: Yes, teacher.
Me: Oh... I'm so sorry. Are you sad?
Molly: No. I am happy. My grandpa was bad.
Me: He was mean?
Molly: Yes. He is very scary.

Oh Koreans.

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