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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tuesdays with Su Jung

Every Tuesday morning my Korean friend, Kim Su Jung, and I get together. We go hiking, sight-seeing, eat lunch, have Korean lessons, etc. I've come to really treasure our time together. She teaches me Korean songs and how to read Korean writing (maybe I would actually learn if I studied!) and I help her with useful English expressions. She's also a woman of God and I look up to her very much. Anytime I need help with anything, she's more than willing to help. Thank you, Su Jung, for everything you do!

And here are some photos from our most recent get-together.

We went to Yangdong, a Korean traditional village on the outskirts of Pohang. It was recently named a UNESCO World Heritage site. It's over 200 years old and people still live in the preserved huts and homes. I went to another traditional village in Andong, South Korea last fall. Yangdong is a little different, as it's widely spread out throughout a valley. Tourists walk freely through the village. You can't go into people's homes (obviously) but there is a restaurant in the village and a hotel you can rent and stay in.

The cloudy day provided for great photography weather. I decided I really enjoy taking pictures. Donations are being accepted now for an upgrade to my Canon point and shoot. Contact me if you'd like to buy me this pretty gem!

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