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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Little Kitchen Cooking Blunder...

...Number one thousand, two hundred, fifty-four...

Let me explain. My kitchen is TINY. A tiny kitchen plus a clumsy person never ends well. I've broken numerous dishes, bowls and glasses...Even if I haven't broken anything recently, I always find shards of glass when I sweep. It's bad.

Anyways, today is a cold day. What goes good on a cold day? Answer: Chili. And even better, I had all of the ingredients already. Perfect. So I'm making my chili... Beans are boiling, meat is cooking. Meat is finished. Then...


One pound of cooked hamburger on the floor! How does that even happen? It's best not to ask. Luckily I had an extra in the freezer and am proudly enjoying my chili as we speak.

(**Note... I promise more posts are coming. I'll admit, I've lazily neglected my blog. But all the witty ideas are floating around in my huge brain. I'll get to it soon.**)

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